Engineering Cases of Water Treatment

Seawater Desalination | Pure Water Treatment | Sewage Water Treatment

Seawater Desalination Cases

Tailored for different characteristics such as vehicle, ship, island

Indonisia MED Case

Indramayu Project

2×4,500t/d MED Plants

? ????

Maldives Project

MED Seawater Desalination

India Bhavanapadu Project

Manufacturing of MED & RO Membrane

vitory oil

Shengli Oil Field Chengdao Power Plant

2X700 t/d Boiler Feed Water Treatment Project


Gwadar Port of Pakistan Project

500m3/d Container Type RO Desalination Equipment

Cangzhou Chemical Project

18,000 m3/d RO Brackish Water Desalination Project


Huang Island Power Plant

3,000t/d RO? Seawater Desalination Equipment


Changhai of Dalian City Project

1,000 t/d RO Seawater Desalination Equipment

Pure Water Treatment Projects

Ultrapure/Pure/Drinking Water System


Ultrapure Water System

The Ultrapure Water System Upgrades the Project of State Power Investment Corporation


10T/H Pure Water System

CHINA Catalyst Holding Co., Ltd. Project


Drinking Water System of Rock Inter-Continental Lanzhou

Lanhaifeng in Xi’an?A Water Project for the Commercial Complex of?Drinking Water System

Sewage Water Treatment Projects

Water Reuse Projects


Pure Water and Reclaimed Water Reuse Project

BMW Brilliance Automotive

Mosaico Project

Desulfurization Waste Water Project

Mexico Steel Mills Desulfurization


Desulfurization Waste Water Project (Phase 1)

Xinjiang East Hope Group Project


Lunan Chemical Fertilizer Plant of Shandong Province?Project

4,000 t/d Ammonium Clodira?Wastewater Treatment Project

Engineering Cases of Power Station

Auxiliary Overseas Hydropower, Thermal Power, Nuclear Power, Solar Power Station Engineering

Overseas Power Station Engineering

Auxiliary Equipment for Power Station Construction

Thermal Power Engineering Project

Aksay Slotted Fuse System


Electric Inverse Power Transmission Project

Vietnam Haiphong Power Plant


Hydropower Engineering Project

Jinnah Project in Pakistan

Equipment Manufacture & Supply

Water Treatment and Power Station Auxiliary Equipment Manufacture and Supply

Water Treatment Equipment

Water Treatment Auxiliary Equipment Manufacture and Supply


1000m3/h RO Equipment


315m3/h UF Equipment


Containerized System


Membrane Equipment Factory

Power Station Equipment

Power Station Auxiliary Equipment Manufacture and Supply

Photovoltaic Generation Equipment

10MW Roof Solar Power System


Wind Power Equipment

First Independent Made 5.5MW Draught Fan

Hydropower Equipment

Ultra-Supercritical Power Plant

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