Namibian Partner Visits GZLIMPIDNESS

On July 22nd, as the invitation of Guangzhou Limpidness Environment (GZLE), Ms. IMALWA KLEDURA NUUGWANGA, the head of our cooperation partner in Namibia, arrives in Guangzhou to start a seven-day trip on cooperation about the Sea Water Desalination and Power Stations.

From July 23rd?to 24th, Mr. Max Lu, the Chairman of GZLE, and Mr. Leo Qiu, Assistant to the Chairman, accompanies Ms. IMALWA KLEDURA NUUGWANGA to visit DONGFANG ELECTRIC CORPORATION (DEC) in Sichuan Province—overseas strategic partner of GZLE.

The head of DEC warmly welcomes the delegation from GZLE and presents the development history of DEC and its strength of power generation equipment manufacturing and scientific research achievements and lead to visit the equipment manufacturing bases. Namibian guest is deeply impressed by DEC’s power equipment production scale and desalination technology, and strongly hope to expand wider cooperation at an earlier date.

Through this field visit, Namibian partner has more closely and deeply understood GZLE, which further facilitates mutual trust and consolidates the foundation cooperation of both sides. After frank negotiation, the two sides agree highly on the development and promotion of infrastructure projects such as seawater desalination and power stations.

On July 25th, Mr. DAVID WANG, the General Manager of GZLE, officially signs a cooperation agreement with Ms. IMALWA KLEDURA NUUGWANGA, the director of the JRK Conquer investment cc. Both sides agree to jointly develop projects of desalination and power stations in Namibia.